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LumApps is an Employee Experience Platform designed to connect, inform and engage employees. With LumApps, organizations are able to break down silos and streamline internal communication, while creating a global culture that unites employees wherever they are.

Employee Communication with LumApps - Employee Experience Platform

The LumApps platform integrates directly with top productivity suites (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for example), facilitating access to all corporate content, business apps, and information – in one central place. LumApps promotes both top-down and horizontal communication through its unique offering, allowing employees to align and collaborate however they choose.

Internal Communication Benefits

Robust internal communication solution leads to faster response times, higher employee engagement , and increased productivity. It also reduces employee turnover and creates a more informed workforce.

  • Foster your unique culture – increase the impact of company culture by giving employees a reason to buy in, leading to greater employee engagement and increased collaboration
  • Increase productivity – when the right information reaches the right people at the right time, response times increase and business goals can be achieved more effectively
  • Engage employees – by sharing ideas, progress, and successes, employees can celebrate each other’s successes, which leads to increased engagement and greater overall personal investment in the company
  • Improve leadership – a robust communication platform empowers leaders to communicate more clearly and effectively with employees
  • Attract and retain top talent – creating clear lines of communication is critical for employee engagement. Employees who are not engaged with their work are far more likely to leave the company
  • Improve your reputation – a communications strategy reinforces a strong company culture, empowering employees to become ambassadors and increasing the company’s standing and share of voice in the market

LumApps Employee Experience Platform

LumApps offers numerous features that bolster effective employee communication.

LumApps uniquely allows corporate teams to organize and manage all internal communication channels. Top-down and targeted communications to inform employees combine with horizontal communications tools to make LumApps a unique internal communications solution – unlike a typical enterprise social network (ESN). LumApps makes corporate communications accessible and relevant by enabling employees to create and share targeted content and dedicated spaces – all managed through an intuitive permissions system.

LumApps Features for Internal Communication


  • Customizable Design – showcase your brand identity with extensive branding capabilities – no coding required
  • Targeted communication – make sure the right information reaches the right people at the right time to keep employees informed and up to date
  • Multilingual communication – engage employees in their preferred language with 30+ languages available in the platform
  • Executive communication – set up review workflows, and allow ghostwriting and scheduling for more impactful executive communication
  • Simple news creation – leverage WYSIWYG interface and templates to create news without any technical knowledge required
  • Assisted translation – create news in several languages in just a few clicks with the assistance of Google Translate
  • Social features – enable employees to post, like, comment, and share posts in communities – generating conversation and encouraging participation
  • Employee Social Advocacy – empower employees to become powerful brand advocates with the ability to share company news on their personal networks

Use Cases

LumApps Use Cases for Internal Communication

Illustration Event V1


Frequent and effective news communication is key to inform and align…

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Make sure that your employees never miss key news by sending them a…

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Align an organization around the thoughts and communications directly…

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Video Center

Provide quick access to all internal and external company videos with…

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Internal Communication FAQs

Internal communication is a function, typically of a dedicated team within an organization, that manages the efficacy of communications within the organization.

An internal communication platform is the combination of tools and techniques that an organization’s communications team uses to communicate. It is built with the specific needs and goals of the organization in mind and varies depending on the needs and type of organization.

By having a robust communication platform in place, companies can ensure up-to-date and relevant information for different types of employees throughout the organization. This means employees are informed, productive, and have all the information they need when they need it.

  1. Make the most important information available front and center
  2. Make mission and values clear throughout all communications
  3. Implement ways for employees to interact with communications
  4. Create an environment that encourages dialogue and two-way communication
  5. Encourage information and knowledge sharing as much as possible
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