Need some tips to implement social connection in your organization? Need to build employee engagement and loyalty? Wondering how to improve internal communication and knowledge sharing? Check out our white papers, guides and templates to boost your business with some easy changes.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a state of functioning in an organization in which employees are motivated to contribute to the company’s success. They give their best and make additional efforts to accomplish important tasks in order to reach objectives. What is employee engagement, in concrete terms?

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Intranet ROI

Implementing an intranet brings you plenty of advantages, but how can we be sure of its performance? Through this white paper, we will help you estimate your investment in an intranet. Spoiler alert – it’s a very good one!

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Intranet Democratization

Democratization is the process of making a service, product or a concept accessible to as many people as possible. The emergence of new forms of communication and sources of information online has made information workflows widely available. What if you could have access to all your productivity apps in one place?

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Knowledge Sharing – Part 2

In this second chapter, we’ll see how knowledge sharing works and how to reap its benefits for your company. One way is to enhance corporate culture and develop a real company DNA.

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Knowledge Sharing – Part 1

Nowadays, knowledge sharing is at the center of new social and collaborative technologies. One could say it is the cornerstone of businesses’ digital transition. Knowledge management identifies and globalizes accumulated knowledge, in order to facilitate access for all collaborators. Performing tools ensure that sharing culture spreads to everyone.

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