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An Intranet Designed For Your Company

Using design to influence communication

This isn’t your grandma’s intranet

When you think about intranets, what do you see?

An old, unsightly platform, complicated to navigate and where information is impossible to find?

This might have been true in the 90s, but intranets have now modernized to become much more user-friendly.

The intranet progressively switched from a platform only used for corporate and static communication, to a social and collaborative portal, augmented with performing tools.

Design is perhaps the most obvious improvement to intranets.

Design’s purpose is to find solutions for daily, recurring issues. It is a core resource in communication but also in product creation. Design is made to facilitate the use of any object and create perfect ergonomy. These days, professionals talk about organizational design, sensorial design…

What about intranet design?


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