Need some tips to implement social connection in your organization? Need to build employee engagement and loyalty? Wondering how to improve internal communication and knowledge sharing? Check out our white papers, guide and templates to boost your business with some easy changes.

Creating a World-Class Digital Workplace with Microsoft Office 365 – Part 1

This three-part white paper series has been crafted to assist IT Leaders and Application Owners in their quest to deliver a cohesive digital workplace experience with SharePoint Online as your base. Whether you already have deployed SharePoint Online, or currently underway in your transition to Office 365, this guide will assist in mapping a new future. This is Part 1 of that series.

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Improving Employee Engagement Guide

Engaged employees are the greatest asset in any business. They work hard, motivate their colleagues and ultimately, impact the bottom line. Although it takes significant time and investment to enhance company culture, there are several ways to begin initiating change.

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Employee Social Advocacy

This is Employee Social Advocacy: a program that can transform your people into the best advocates your brand could wish for. To accomplish this, you must start by building strong relationships and provide an empowering work environment. Read more about how to create strong ambassadors in this white paper.

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Mobility Inside the Workplace

Many companies struggle to connect all their workers. We will explore the digital workplace as a mobile tool that allows you to connect all your employees and enhance collaboration. An exhaustive and mobile digital workplace will especially help industry sectors such as retail, manufacturing, transportation and more.

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Digital Platforms for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has long struggled to connect and engage their workforce. A digital platform can be the answer to centralize many employee needs at once and increase operational efficiency. Because in the end, productivity is what speaks most to this industry.

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Achieving Jive Migration

Businesses are increasingly worried about their future with Jive and looking for alternative software to replace their stagnant intranet provider. It’s no wonder more and more companies are looking to LumApps to replace their Jive intranet, safely and efficiently. So how do we do it?

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Define Your Corporate Vision

Mission and Vision are the fundamental basis of your company but while your mission is catchy and easy to remember, vision is more complex. This quickly poses a problem when the vision serves as a starting point for the company’s employees and board!

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Digital Workplace for Media

The media industry was part of those hit the hardest by the digital revolution. As a result, media companies usually share a fundamental need for digital transformation, and exhibit some common pain points because of lingering traditional processes.

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Digital Workplace for Retail

Despite the digital revolution that hit the Retail industry in the 21st century, most large companies in retail are still struggling with business silos, between headquarters, suppliers and brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s explore ways to see how we can reconnect all stakeholders in the retail industry.

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Connecting People in Your Organization

More than ever, employees seek respect and recognition. Forget about outdated and bureaucratic methods. Employees want safe workplaces, where they know they can try new things and say what they think. Here are some tips for managers to create an open work environment and put people first.

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