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Need some tips to implement social connection in your organization? Need to build employee engagement and loyalty? Wondering how to improve internal communication and knowledge sharing? Check out our white papers and boost your business with some easy changes.

Define Your Corporate Vision

Mission and Vision are the fundamental basis of your company but while your mission is catchy and easy to remember, vision is more complex. This quickly poses a problem when the vision serves as a starting point for the company’s employees and board!

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Digital Platforms for Media

The media industry was part of those hit the hardest by the digital revolution. As a result, media companies usually share a fundamental need for digital transformation, and exhibit some common pain points because of lingering traditional processes.

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Digital Platforms for Retail

Despite the digital revolution that hit the Retail industry in the 21st century, most large companies in retail are still struggling with business silos, between headquarters, suppliers and brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s explore ways to see how we can reconnect all stakeholders in the retail industry.

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Connecting People in Your Organization

More than ever, employees seek respect and recognition. Forget about outdated and bureaucratic methods. Employees want safe workplaces, where they know they can try new things and say what they think. Here are some tips for managers to create an open work environment and put people first.

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Social Platforms in the Workplace

These days, social platforms follow two main trends: the Enterprise Social Network and the Social Intranet. The main challenge of a professional social platform is to ensure it meets company needs and encourages healthy work practices. In this white paper, we’ll discuss benefits and challenges of social platforms.

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Loyalty & Talent Retention

Companies often forget that their most valuable asset is their people: without them, the company wouldn’t exist. In the business world, long-term success rests on the quality and the loyalty of employees.

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Internal Communication – Part 2

In the previous chapter we stressed the importance of good internal communication and showed how to diagnose common related difficulties within your organization. In this second part, we will provide you with many tips and best practices to improve your internal communication processes.

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Internal Communication – Part 1

Inefficient communications between your employees will inevitably become an obstacle on your way to the top.
This two-part white paper will help you to target weak points, then adopt a strategy to tackle these problems.

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a state of functioning in an organization in which employees are motivated to contribute to the company’s success. They give their best and make additional efforts to accomplish important tasks in order to reach objectives. What is employee engagement, in concrete terms?

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Intranet ROI

Implementing an intranet brings you plenty of advantages, but how can we be sure of its performance? Through this white paper, we will help you estimate your investment in an intranet. Spoiler alert – it’s a very good one!

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