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Knowledge Sharing – Part 1

Knowledge Management is the key to company efficiency. Nowadays, knowledge sharing is at the center of new social and collaborative technologies. It has become unavoidable and a real business driver. One could say it is the cornerstone of businesses’ digital transition.

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Knowledge Sharing – Part 2

How Knowledge Sharing works and how to reap its benefits Enrich your corporate DNA 58% […]

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Connecting People in Your Organization

More than ever, employees seek respect and recognition. The type of older bureaucratic management, with threats and intimidation, is increasingly outdated. These practices actually inhibit contribution. Employees want safe workplaces, where they know they can try new things and say what they really think. It’s time to embrace a new management style.

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An Intranet Designed For Your Company

When you think about intranets, what do you see? An old, unsightly platform, complicated to navigate and where information is impossible to find? This might have been true in the 90s, but intranets have now modernized to become much more user-friendly. Design is perhaps the most obvious improvement to intranets.

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