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Respect and Recognition

More than ever, employees seek respect and recognition
The type of older bureaucratic management, with threats and intimidation, is increasingly outdated. These practices actually inhibit contribution. Employees want safe workplaces, where they know they can try new things and say what they really think. In order to create an open environment, managers need to put people first. Before expecting respect, start respecting your employees’ opinions and culture. You should also prioritize check-ins with your employees as much as you do client meetings. Finally, recognition should become a way of life. Do not hesitate to say thank you verbally or in writing, and to celebrate team successes publicly, as often as possible.

Embrace new management styles

One major corporate trend is the transition from a traditional vertical hierarchy toward a more horizontal organization.
It is time to give your employees the responsibility and authority to do their job. This creates higher rates of involvement and more flexibility to work faster. Information is made to be shared. To engage your employees, management should communicate regularly on what is going on in your organization and what role each employee plays. These days, the workforce is more flexible as people are increasingly often working from home. Therefore, it is becoming a priority to reach everyone and avoid selective communication. Ultimately, employees want to connect with upper management on a personal level. Do not be afraid to be yourself and share personal stories! They need to see that you are not perfect, all while embodying the company’s vision. Successfully combining these aspects will encourage employees to trust you.
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