Intranet Democratization

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Democratization is the process of making a service, product or a concept accessible to as many people as possible.
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The emergence of new forms of communication and sources of information online has made information workflows widely available.

However, it can sometimes be more stressful than ever to have access to more than 5 applications with different information at the same time. This is actually the hyper-democratization leading to information overload, which is counter-productive.

What if you could have access to all your productivity apps in one place?

This is exactly why an efficient intranet should be the central tool of your organization. No need to open 10 windows on your web browser or to switch from one app to another on your smartphone. A good intranet should give you direct access to your business apps, your corporate news and your social network. It is also a time saver for the IT department, since managing the intranet is so simple that you don’t need to send an email to the IT crew in order to publish content anymore. But intranet is not only a way to win productivity, it is also a tool that allows more democratization and participative management within your company.
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Check out our white paper on Intranet Democratization to learn more!

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