Employee Engagement

More than just a work relationship

This hot topic seems to be on all company deciders’ minds, but what does it mean? In this white paper, we’ll provide some engagement strategies, ideas and best practices. Change how you interact with your employees and you’ll see much more than a change in atmosphere.

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Why invest in engagement ?


Let’s start with the basics. What is employee engagement, in concrete terms?


Employee engagement is a state of functioning in an organization in which employees are motivated to contribute to the company’s success. They give their best and make additional efforts to accomplish important tasks in order to reach objectives.

With this in mind, we can roughly categorize collaborators into three types:

Engaged collaborators.
They are very enthusiastic about their situation and their employer. They consistently give their best and make significant efforts.
Non-engaged collaborators.
They show poor emotional allegiance. They contribute to the company, but in at a minimum level.
Disengaged collaborators.
They are not at all invested in their work. Sometimes, they even actively work against their company. This set shows a much higher rate of absenteeism.
One immediate conclusion is that there is a clear link between engagement and contribution. What’s more, it has a real effect on your business’ bottom line. So how big is the impact from engagement and what does it look like?
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Curious about employee engagement?

Check out our white paper!

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