Digital Platforms for Media

The media industry was part of those hit the hardest by the digital revolution. As a result, media companies usually share a fundamental need for digital transformation, and exhibit some common pain points because of lingering traditional processes.

What’s more, media groups are often composed of multiple (and sometimes heterogeneous) brands, leading to a confused corporate identity.

Let’s explore how we can seamlessly unite separate entities, and shift from old work habits to new ways of informing and collaborating.

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Common pain points in media

Among the many pain points ailing media groups, we can identify vertical organization, leading to rigid top-down, unilateral communication, and silo mentality, with very segmented fields of work.
Media groups are also contending with a massive societal shift in consumer habits. As a result, media distributors and creators are moving away from broadcasting and more towards on-demand or personalized media, which presents a number of challenges.  

Here some of the many pain points encountered in the average media group. See if you recognize some of these needs within your organization:

Media groups often contain multiple publications and/or brands. But without a unified platform, these units sometimes work on different digital tools and IT systems. This leads to a general lack of group identity across entities.  
Media groups are prone to restructuring, thus they need a platform that’s flexible enough to easily incorporate frequent company transformations.
Media involves different subsidiaries and lines of work, often disconnected because of geographical distance. Media groups need to connect employees, both across teams and locations.
Silo mentality: teams don’t interact between themselves, much less collaborate on common projects, due to voluntary or involuntary causes.
Outdated communication tools: email, dynamic screens, static intranet page, etc.
Due to changing consumer habits and demand, groups have a growing need for scalability and efficient solutions.
Fortunately, there are new digital tools and cloud-based solutions that media groups can adopt and invest in to improve communications, engage employees and connect everyone. One of the best solutions is a unique digital workplace, which can provide a central platform to answer all of these pain points at the same time.
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Wondering how to solve these pain points?

Check out our white paper!

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