How to Create Effective Internal Communications for Retail


A company’s internal communication strategy is crucial for overall success. It must establish business objectives and new marketing campaigns clearly to all members in the corporate hierarchy so that everyone is in alignment.

Internal communications planning guide

The Retail Industry

In office-based industries, traditional solutions such as email can handle internal communication, but in retail, it’s more difficult. Retail is one of the sectors where employees rarely sit down at a computer, rendering email largely unhelpful.

Around 74% of employees feel as if they aren’t receiving important company news and information. This hurts not only the employees’ productivity and efficiency, but it also negatively impacts the customer experience. When customers are not able to engage with informed associates about the latest promotions and offers, for example, satisfaction may degrade, and they’ll ultimately flee to a competitor.

So, how can a retail business improve its internal communications?

Discover the 5 ways to

Improve Retail Internal Communication

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