Achieving Jive Migration

Why a growing number of organizations are considering a Jive migration

In 2017, Aurea acquired Jive Software. Following this structural change, most of Jive’s teams are dwindling fast, making it difficult for Jive to uphold customer support. What’s more, the company has not released any definitive product roadmap for the next few years, which means Jive will not release any new features for the moment.  

Businesses are increasingly worried about their future with Jive and looking for alternative software to replace their stagnant intranet provider.

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Why LumApps is your Jive alternative

LumApps offers more than a reliable alternative to Jive – it is an innovative digital platform trusted by companies worldwide. As a social and corporate intranet, LumApps allows both top-down and peer-to-peer communications. Not only does the solution offer a modern and engaging user experience, it is also easy to set up, use and maintain.

It’s no wonder more and more companies are looking to LumApps to replace their Jive intranet, safely and efficiently.  

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LumApps core features and philosophies make it the best alternative:

Best of both worlds

LumApps deftly combines corporate communication and social network.

A clear future

LumApps regularly provides a clear and rich roadmap for product enhancements.

Top integration

The LumApps solution is integrated with your collaborative suite and daily apps for increased productivity.

Responsible leadership

LumApps leaders are committed to customer success and support.

Experienced teams

The LumApps team is experienced with large-scale deployments.

Dedicated resources

LumApps has the right tools and expertise to manage Jive migrations.

How our customer migrated from Jive to LumApps

To illustrate the LumApps process, let’s focus on a specific customer success story, in which a successful Jive migration was at stake.

The migration project in figures



2 months

– very short timing


contributors trained and onboarded


most important Jive communities

Find out more such as migration process, analysis, rules and various tips to achieve a successful migration.

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Want to know how this migration was achieved?

Check out our Story!

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