The strategic role of employee communication for employee engagement

Employee engagement is an emerging driver for organizations and defines how employees are motivated to contribute to their company’s success. Fully-engaged employees give their best and even make additional efforts to reach beyond their objectives. This leads to higher rates of productivity and increased creativity within organizations. Externally, the output from engaged employees yields stronger results and adds to long-term company growth.


of US employees are not engaged

In this webinar, we will dive into the details surrounding these concepts and learn how to achieve these results.



What is employee engagement and why does it matter?

Employee engagement is the level of investment and motivation that drives employees on a daily basis. Engaged employees will not only be more productive, but they will also stay longer in the organization and become an example for others. 

The direct link between commitment and performance is what defines the importance of employee engagement. That is why organizations are beginning to understand the worth of defining more human-centric corporate values and actions.


Companies with engaged employees
outperform the competition by as much as


Using an effective and attractive intranet as the main platform for all types of employee communications is one of the most effective solutions for encouraging employee engagement.


Enable employees to connect with the enterprise

An attractive intranet that engages employees is also an intranet that continuously informs employees. Giving employees the opportunity to keep up with internal and external news leads them to regularly return to their platform. It is therefore no longer just a work tool: it represents a full platform for information and interaction, which leads to employee engagement.


Enabling employees to have a voice in the enterprise

What could be better for an employee than to feel heard within his company, even if he does not hold a position of responsibility? Employee recognition is a powerful tool for driving results from the ground up. By sharing ideas, progress, and successes, employees can witness each other’s successes and share their breakthroughs: a real driver of engagement and investment in their company. 


Enabling employees to have a voice FOR the enterprise

Your employees are your best ambassadors, giving a human face to your company; the content they share ensures a tenfold promotion.

The potential for your company is very important. By facilitating the sharing of company-related content, the employee offers you improved visibility on many topics.

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