Netflix® for Employees: Connect everyone to the New digital workplace

location icon    Online – 30 min

calendar icon   2019, August 8th at 11:00am AEST

In the changing world of media & communication where staying innovative is do or die, are businesses missing a trick by bringing a poor employee experience when it comes to their internal digital communications?
To consumerize their business usages, companies need to build digital workplaces providing features that are second nature at home like suggested content, social features, or mobile apps.


Netflix for employees
In this webinar, you’ll hear:
Connecting all employees to the digital workplace
Employee engagement is so related to a digital workplace accessible from everywhere, at anytime, on any device and for everyone. To transmit the right information at the right person at the right time, companies must first face the issue of connecting all their workers.
Creating an engaging employee experience
Modern platforms delivering content have an appealing design, so your digital workplace must have. The challenge for enterprise is to set up an attractive design that encourages the usage of their digital workplace.
Simplify employee daily work
Providing a single and quick access to all the resources employees need is key. Build an assistant 2.0 to provide relevant and customized content, business applications and social features in one place.

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