COVID-19 : Digital Workplace Best Practices

  Thursday, April 09 | 10AM EDT & 3PM GMT

  30 min  

The spread of Covid-19 is prompting companies around the world to take the necessary steps to protect their employees and ensure business continuity. To tackle this situation, our seasoned team of trusted advisors wants to share with you digital communication, collaboration, and remote-work best practices.

Join LumApps on Thursday, April 9 at 3 PM GMT and 10 AM EDT for a free 30 minute webinar. Learn from our experts’ recommendations – we will share practical advice and different digital workplace use cases.

You will hear:

  • How to communicate with everyone in times of emergency
  • How to stay connected with your workforce remotely
  • How to ensure business continuity with new working conditions
  • Presentation of our Special Offer for the COVID-19 crisis

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