11 Tips to Boost Adoption of Your Digital Workplace

Time  30 min  

Your digital workplace is a platform composed of tools and documents necessary for the company and employees. In order to maximize the effective usage of the platform, it is important that users adopt and recognize it as a means for internal communication.

Discover some of the best practices you can apply today in order to maximize your organization’s investment in the intranet and improve engagement across your user base. 


During this webinar, we will cover the following topics:


How to make your platform attractive and pleasant for your employees?

Workers’ well-being is a determining factor for their productivity and efficiency at work. More than a platform, your intranet must be pleasant to use in order to become interesting and motivating for your employees.


How to provide both project management and day-to-day activities inside the same platform?

The adoption of a platform necessarily requires the implementation of useful features for employees. Who has never dreamed of being able to share their passion with his colleagues in one click while being able to work efficiently? Discover how creating groups, communities or even free spaces can be associated to activities employees enjoy.


How can platform governance simplify UX?

Many different professions make up a company. However, whether employees are in the design, event or marketing sectors, the platform remains an important information center for all workers. Therefore, giving them the opportunity to modify and customize their platform is a way to encourage regular visits to the intranet.

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Lauren Saar

Field Marketing & Event Manager


Amanda Szymanski

Communications Manager


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