Microsoft 365 Support Community

Increase adoption of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and reduce support costs with an online community to showcase training materials and to answer employees’ questions.

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Assisting users in the adoption of applications and technology solutions can be a difficult task. Ensuring teams understand the value, features, benefits, and supporting their usage is part of the ongoing effort to maximize IT spend while ensuring business value realization.

The Microsoft 365 Support Community is a place where your organization’s IT professionals can gather and interact with users by answering questions around the Microsoft 365 platform – and other related services and applications.


  • Stand-up a support community as a hub for Microsoft 365 training; from FAQs, knowledge base articles, tutorials, and more.
  • Help new users get up to speed on best practices; while providing experienced users the ability to assist in answering questions and knowledge.
  • Accelerate your speed of adoption with proper communications and enablement; ensuring you get the most out of your IT investment.
  • Community Administrators can post polls, news articles, and other relevant resources to help keep employees informed about the latest changes/updates to their platform or news to your application stack.
  • Allow employees to post their questions, share experiences, and help solve issues faster; resulting in a reduction of costly internal service tickets.


Office 365 Support Community - LumApps Intranet Software

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