IT Portal

The IT Portal is the home and single access point for all matters related to information technology: news, contact information, training and support resources…

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  • Provide easy access and one-stop-shopping for all matters related to IT (news, contact information, training and support resources…)
  • Surface the right applications, and calls-to-action to ensure employees can fix, find, discover IT related information, as well as resources and applications.
  • Go beyond the link farm and expand into peer-to-peer support; while highlighting country-specific or division specific content
  • Request Assistance
  • Order Equipment
  • Contact the IT team
  • Display FAQ and answer employee’s practical questions
  • Display IT contacts
  • Post surveys to collect employee feedback
  • Announce updates and upcoming changes
  • Display community posts for troubleshooting and questions
  • Display IT reference documents

Internal IT Portal for Enterprise - LumApps Intranet

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