IT Help and Support

Reduce calls and support costs: Answer questions and create a scalable knowledge base with training resources, FAQs and employee support.

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IT functions have been under a tremendous amount of transformation over the past few years. Yet, IT must continue to support employees to ensure continuity of service and productivity.  LumApps aids in incident deflection and reduces call volume to IT. Using LumApps allows IT organizations to solve problems faster, keep employees informed, and protect IT investments throughout the organization.

  • Showcase knowledge articles and FAQs on the most common support cases, acting as a self-service center.
  • Highlight training assets and videos to help employees adoption of new technology, new tools, business applications.
  • Go further by allowing for peer-to-peer support, and internal support to troubleshoot, resolve and curate an evolving knowledge base and FAQs.
  • Keep employees informed about upcoming changes, maintenances and updates, and anticipate problems before they arise.


IT Help and Support Solution - LumApps Intranet Software

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