Ideation Corner

Harness the power of collective intelligence with an open community where employees can submit and vote for ideas to improve product and processes.


The LumApps Ideation Corner is a perfect solution for organizations looking to jumpstart their next digital transformation or change initiative. The solution can allow for a transparent and structured idea program where employees can become part of the change process through input and conversation. Ideation is often linked to a larger corporate mission, but can also become part of a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Brainstorm around new products, better processes, or problem-solving with direct employee feedback. Include the ability to vote up/down, refine ideas, and categorize content for further refinement.
  • Capture the very best of your organization by providing access wherever employees work – desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Create a guided Innovation Program, from the very first stages of capturing input, to the final stages of selection and implementation of ideas.


Internal Ideation Corner for Employees - LumApps Intranet

LumApps Video Demo - Social Intranet

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