Google Workspace Support Community

Increase adoption of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and reduce support costs with an online community to showcase training materials and to answer employees’ questions.

Transitioning to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) can be a challenge for some organizations coming out of the Office world. Assisting users in the adoption of Google Workspace is critical for application acceptance – a key component of maximizing IT spend, and ensuring business value realization. The Google Workspace Support Community is a hub of information; where your organization’s IT professionals can communicate, connect, and educate employees around all things Google Workspace.


  • Create a support community as a hub for Google Workspace training – from FAQs, knowledge base articles, tutorials, and more.
  • Help new users get up to speed on best practices, while providing experienced users the ability to assist in answering questions and knowledge.
  • Accelerate your speed of adoption with proper communications and enablement, ensuring you get the most out of your IT investment.
  • Community Administrators can post polls, news articles, and other relevant resources to help keep employees informed about the latest changes/updates to their platform or news to your application stack.
  • Allow employees to post their questions, share experiences, and help solve issues faster, resulting in a reduction of costly internal service tickets.


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