Employee Dashboard for Microsoft 365

Simplify employee access to their multiple daily apps by giving employees access to resources in one intuitive interface – all of which can be customized to the needs of each individual


Give employees access to resources in one easy-to-use interface

Simplify employees access to their multiple daily apps by giving employees access to resources in a straightforward interface – all customized to the needs of each individual, all designed to facilitate the highest possible level of productivity and collaboration.

Access all your Microsoft tools in one place using a single sign on. (Read more about Microsoft 365 Integration in LumApps)

Apps can be organized according to which apps an employee uses most, or employees can add or remove their own apps, and quickly access favorite apps in just one click.


Display your personalized newsfeed from LumApps


Display your to-do list from Planner


Upcoming events
Display your upcoming meetings from Outlook 365


Favorite apps
Display shortcuts to your favorite business apps

one drive

My documents
Display your favorite files or folder from OneDrive


Popular documents
Discover popular documents in your network


Display your emails from Outlook 365


Teams Channels
Access your favorite Teams Channels


Access your favorite SharePoint sites

Employee Dashboard for Office 365 - LumApps O365 Intranet

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