LumApps opens your enterprise communications to build lasting business relationships


LumApps opens your enterprise communications to build lasting business relationships based on transparency, dialog and trust.

LumApps works with organizations of all sizes and sectors to ensure business success through innovative digital cloud-based solutions. LumApps solutions support companies in their digital transformation and help build value through healthy work relationships.

In this way, LumApps empowers both companies and employees to become tomorrow’s smart leaders.


The following principles are important to us.
These beliefs drive the way we do business
and develop our solutions.



LumApps is a global company serving organizations all over the world, with dedicated teams on three different continents.



LumApps looks ahead to create innovative solutions as a market leader of cloud solutions for businesses.



From the start, LumApps has created solutions hand-in-hand with customers to best fit their needs. Client feedback continues to inspire LumApps product evolution and direction.


Our story

LumApps is a SaaS company founded in France in 2012, operating worldwide with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and historical headquarters in Lyon. The LumApps founders leveraged their experience as key players in Cloud Technology to develop and offer social and mobile enterprise software solutions.

2015: LumApps built an intranet based on the needs of customer Veolia and since then, the company has provided enterprises in Forbes 500 with an innovative digital workplace.

2017: LumApps raised $8M in a Series A round in 2017 to support international expansion, starting with the United States.

2018: A year later, the company raised $24M in a Series B round to support product development and acquire new talents.

2019: Starting in 2019, LumApps started extending its product line to offer a range of social business solutions, while structuring LumApps US teams with experienced American managing talent.

Our teams


Sebastien Ricard

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sébastien François

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Lionel Grivel

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Alain Bernard

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Elie Mélois

Chief Technical Officier (CTO)

Renaud Perrier

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Olivier Chanoux

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Philippe Gless

Senior VP Sales

Jean-Luc Solans

VP Sales USA

Mike Beeson

VP Corporate and Education Sales

Josué Moëns

VP Professional Services

Gilles Meiers

VP Sales Operations

Arnaud Delamare

VP Customer Success

Rob Ryan

US Sales Engineering Director

Yann Seyroles

EMEA Sales Engineering Director

Loïc Bourdeaux

EMEA Corporate Sales Director

Boris Linière

Sales EMEA Director

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