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The concurrent and sequential nature of project-based knowledge management can generate complex and unpredictable challenges. Knowledge management helps organize information and processes across the enterprise and encompasses all the knowledge that is accumulated, shared, or identified across the organization’s various domains.

Knowledge Management with LumApps - Employee Experience Platform

LumApps cuts down on infobesity and ensures that the right information reaches the right people, in the right projects, and at the right time. By integrating seamlessly with your company’s data and information sources, LumApps provides a complete solution for knowledge management.

As the amount of information in the workplace continues to increase, managing your knowledge is critical.

Knowledge Management Benefits

  • Increase productivity – when employees have easy access to the right information, they can get their job done faster and better
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience – aggregating knowledge to create the best possible experience for the customer
  • Improve collaboration – give teams the opportunity to share knowledge, create a more collaborative work environment, and boost productivity
  • Increase team cohesion – ensuring that knowledge is captured and shared means that all team members are on the same page, keeping them aligned and moving in the right direction
  • Grow your knowledge base – draw on existing knowledge to create new knowledge and solutions
  • Grow your culture – create a culture built around knowledge management so teams can grow together and align with company values

LumApps Knowledge Sharing Solution

LumApps’ features and functions are designed to support and reinforce entreprise knowledge management and content management objectives. These tightly-integrated features work together to deliver a frictionless knowledge management and delivery experience to employees.

With LumApps, knowledge management is a dynamic process. Employees collaborate to generate unstructured information, such as discussions, answers, and ideas. Information is intelligently selected and formalized into knowledge, knowledge is documented to develop learning, and learning is presented to the right employees at the right time to foster understanding.


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LumApps Use Cases for Internal Knowledge Management


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Learning Center

Use the learning center to create a repository of resources used for…


LumApps Video Center
Video Center

Provide quick access to all internal and external company videos with…

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Employee Directory

Allowing people to connect across teams and locations is key to share…



LumApps Features for Internal Knowledge Management

  • Folksonomy – folksonomy functions allow users to add tags to content, which makes information easier to search and discover
  • Taxonomy – taxonomy functions allow administrators to easily organize crowdsourced tags into groups and hierarchies
  • LumApps Global Search – find knowledge anywhere by searching across LumApps, SharePoint, and OneDrive Documents. Results can be filtered by category and sorted by date or relevance
  • Rich social communities – create public, open, read-only, or private communities with specific people
  • Rich communication – include rich and interactive content to make knowledge more accessible, appealing, and engaging
  • Assisted translation – communicate with everyone. – translate an HTML, text, or title widget to make it understandable to all your users
  • Post sharing – share posts across communities for maximum impact, and make sure that the right info reaches the right people at the right time
  • Social features – post, like, comment, and share posts in communities. Generate conversation and encourage participation by all users
  • Native integrations – integrate all company tools to capture knowledge and make collaboration faster and easier
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Internal Knowledge Management FAQs

Internal knowledge is the base library in which all internal company information is stored, including HR policies, press releases, current and previous communications, tools, guidelines, brand information, and much more. The type of knowledge stored is dependent on the type of company.

A knowledge sharing platform is an interactive platform that contains all the company’s internal knowledge, along with tools for accessing and sharing that information.

  1. Organize your knowledge and content in a structured and easy to understand way
  2. Stay consistent in page design
  3. Maintain a consistent voice across all content and messaging
  4. Combine the right tools for maximum effectiveness
  5. Regularly update and refresh old content
  6. Ensure fast and easy navigation

High quality knowledge sharing within a company is critical to maintaining agility and ensuring that all employees are informed and have the right knowledge to perform. High quality knowledge sharing means that all employees have the best information possible and are better able to perform their roles within the company.

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