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Transforming your business requires time, effort, and technology to fundamentally shape how you operate – both internally and externally.

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New technologies and business strategies are disrupting entire industries and threatening existing models. Maintaining and bolstering your market position requires a digital transformation strategy.

To truly accelerate the pace of transformation, organizations must take advantage of best-in-class solutions and put in place proper change management initiatives in order to change the way employees communicate, collaborate, and engage within the workplace.

LumApps Digital Transformation Solution

LumApps is a proven platform for creating a lasting impact across the value chain – from the employee experience to the customer experience.

  • Greater efficiency – with the help of sophisticated tools and digital solutions like analytics and artificial intelligence, organizations can save time and money and get the most out of their work
  • Improved customer experience – harnessing the power of the employee experience leads to lasting organizational change and benefits
  • Optimization – organizations with intelligent digital design allow businesses to better use the technology they have and right-size their IT stack to drive greater efficiency and value
  • Safety, health, and wellness – intelligent employee engagement platforms offer an impressive opportunity to communicate time-sensitive information and gather crucial feedback about risks, incidents, and emergent threats, resulting in a more secure and healthy work environment
  • Profitability – the power of a true digital transformation program has a ripple effect throughout the company, leading to better customer experiences and greater business outcomes

LumApps digital transformation platform provides numerous solutions and use cases to suit any organization.

As a unifying digital workplace, LumApps spans across organizations, departments, and geographies to meet your needs. The platform is fully customizable, empowering enterprises to jumpstart digital transformation initiatives regardless of where they are in that journey – resulting in a holistic digital experience for the entire organization.

Use Cases

LumApps Use Cases for Digital Transformation


Learning Center

Use the learning center to create a repository of resources used for…


Employee Directory

Allowing people to connect across teams and locations is key to share…



Digital Transformation FAQs

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technology and digital solutions into all parts of an organization. This changes the way an organization operates and allows companies to provide greater value to their customers through higher levels of productivity. Digital transformation is an ongoing process and reflects a cultural change within an organization, always pushing the envelope and adapting to the constantly changing digital and business landscape.

What is a Digital Workplace?

Digital transformation keeps organizations ahead of the competition by always pushing forward new ideas and solutions. It enables organizations to better track their productivity and rethink old processes. Transforming small business processes digitally allows for gradual productivity gains over time, allowing organizations to become more agile and effective.

  1. Develop a vision for the future – organizations must ask themselves, “what will my business look like in 5? 10? 50 years?” Having a clear vision for the future allows businesses to understand the direction they need to be moving in.
  2. Examine the market – analyze the competitive landscape and see what other organizations are doing to stay ahead of the digital curve. Seek out opportunities to transform your business before the competition in order to become a leader in your industry.
  3. Design the experience with customers and employees in mind – understanding a customer’s digital experience with an organization is just as important as understanding how employees experience it. To create a true omnichannel organization, both sides of the business must be considered.
  4. Develop new competencies and processes – having digital tools at your fingertips is important, but developing the right skills and bringing in the right talent to maximize the impact of those tools is equally important. A sharp knife is only as good as the chef who holds it.

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