Remote Working: Keep Your Employees Informed, Engaged and Productive

The spread of COVID-19 is prompting companies around the world to take the necessary steps to protect their employees and ensure business continuity. LumApps wants to contribute and help employees stay connected and informed during times of global crisis.

By keeping employees connected, regardless of where they are working, companies that have adopted LumApps are better equipped to cope with such a crisis.

Announcing LumApps “Crisis Communication Solution,” ready to deploy in a matter of days.

At LumApps, we help companies transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and engage with their employees. Our solutions enable teams to develop a strong corporate culture and share knowledge across communities. This contributes to smarter, more efficient, and better-connected workforces around the world. Ultimately, our mission is to make people feel that they belong and have a purpose. This is even more critical in this time of crisis.

Starting March 16th, we will begin rolling out open access to an out-of-the box LumApps Enterprise Communication Portal to organizations that want to streamline internal communication.

LumApps helps enterprises maintain connection with their entire workforce

A Fast-to-deploy Solution For All Employees

A secure cloud solution that doesn’t require any pre-requisite software or add-ons.

A mobile solution to reach all employees – including deskless and frontline workers.

Crisis Communication Portal to Inform Your Employees

Publish targeted news by business unit, country, and language – keeping your employees aware of critical business announcements.

Include FAQs and communities to allow employees to ask questions and find the answers they need.

Organize virtual townhalls where executive teams can communicate directly and efficiently to all employees around the world.

Social Communities to Guide and Organize Remote Working

Connect your remote employees, helping maintain alignment and day-to-day operations within our out-of-the-box community template.

Stand up business-driven Communities of Practice (e.g. Remote Working Best Practice, COVID Comms Planning) helping ensure business continuity. 

Continue to foster your culture virtually through the use of social Communities of Interest (e.g. Water Cooler, Runners Club)

LumApps offering for Enterprise will include:

A cloud intranet portal with pre-built use cases, social communities and mobile apps

Templates, tutorials and training programs to help companies get started and quickly onboard people to the platform

These features are typically part of LumApps’ Enterprise offerings and will be available at no additional cost to all customers until June 30, 2020.

LumApps is committed to supporting organizations during these challenging times and takes that responsibility seriously by making sure large companies stay connected with their employees throughout this period.

* Offer is limited to organizations with a minimum 300 employees

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