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Disruptions can impact organizations of any size, industry, or location. Most recently, we’ve seen it happen with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, natural disasters, accidents, mergers, or even political events can upset normal business operations. No matter the situation, every organization should be prepared to readily communicate, support, and enable their employees, while ensuring workplace continuity.

LumApps helps companies and employees stay connected, informed, and productive during change and uncertainty.

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Announcing LumApps “Business Agility & Continuity Solution” – ready to deploy in a matter of days.

Starting July 1st, we will begin rolling out open access* to an out-of-the-box LumApps Enterprise Communication Portal.

  • A secure cloud solution that doesn’t require any pre-requisite software or add-ons
  • A mobile solution to reach all employees, including deskless and frontline workers
  • Preconfigured with templates and in-app tutorials for fast deployment
  • Available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese



Answering Your Challenges

Support Your Employees


Provide your employees with a single point of access to find all the information, documents, and tools they need to stay informed and productive. Allow employees to ask questions and find answers.

Open Lines of Communication


Keep your employees well-informed and engaged with a global, targeted newscenter. Organize virtual town halls where executive teams can communicate directly and efficiently to all employees worldwide.

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Organize Activity Ramp-up


Quickly onboard new employees and help maintain alignment on day-to-day operations using our Leadership Corner. Enable teams to collaborate with our out-of-the-box team community template.

Use Cases

Preconfigured Use Cases

Illustration Product IT


Make sure that your employees never miss key news by sending them a re...

Town Hall

Build a Virtual Town Hall to share event information and content, gath...

Leadership Corner

Align an organization around the thoughts and communications directly ...

Employee Directory

Allowing people to connect across teams and locations is key to share ...

Job Board

Display an internal job board to increase internal mobility, source ta...

Onboarding Center

Help new employees hit the ground running with onboarding resources at...

Configure Your Portal in Just a Few Clicks

  • 3 design templates to choose from
  • Add your logo, colors, and font to invoke your unique branding
  • Easy-to-configure, with no coding required
  • Grid layout and drag-and-drop widgets for easy editing

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LumApps is committed to supporting organizations during these challenging times and takes that responsibility to heart by making sure all companies stay connected with their employees.

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