LumApps Integration with Google Cloud Search

Find important business information across your digital workplace with LumApps integration with Google Cloud Search.

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Google Cloud Search

Increase employee productivity and avoid content duplication.

Fast and High-Powered

Google Cloud Search is able to scan the entirety of your enterprise data in just a few milliseconds to bring the most relevant answers, fast.

Smart and Relevant

Google Cloud Search integrates the latest innovations in terms of machine learning and natural language understanding to help you find what you need before you even ask.

Google Cloud Search with LumApps

True 360° Search

As the enterprise hub that centralizes your digital workplace, LumApps features a natural search interface that takes full advantage of the Google Cloud Search engine.

Find any type of knowledge from anywhere


  • News
  • Pages
  • Media
  • Posts
  • People
  • Links

G Suite

  • Documents (Drive)
  • Emails (Gmail)
  • Events (Calendar)
  • Notes (Keep)

Third-Party Apps

  • Easily add and configure third-party datasets

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A Simple and Configurable Search Interface

  • Results are ordered by relevance and date
  • Display results by modification date or content type
  • Additional filters available
  • Consistent with user rights and permissions
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