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Communicate and Inform

Branded Communication


  • Platform styles designer: create a global style that can be applied to all widgets

Relevant Communication


  • Content profiling: profile news, pages, and business apps for groups of employees
  • Multilingual: create versions of your content in several languages so employees will see content in their preferred language

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Rich Communication

  • Custom content designer: create as many content types as you need (product news, financial news, customer references, and more)
  • Rich content: embed videos, links, previews of documents, or pictures to make your communication more engaging
  • Newsletter: create an email newsletter with selected news published on your intranet

Executive Communication

  • Scheduling: plan publications in advance
  • Ghostwriting: write on behalf of other people
  • Approval workflow: managers can approve and publish content created by their team members

Two-way Communication

  • Like and comment: allow or limit the level of employee interaction
  • Surveys: display surveys to receive employee feedback

Enhance Productivity

Connected Digital Workplace

  • Single sign-on: Google Workspace and Azure Active Directory
  • Global search: across pages, articles, communities, posts, media, or users
  • Google Cloud Search integration: search in LumApps (pages, articles, communities, posts, media, users) and in Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Keep)


Employee Dashboard

  • Email: Gmail, Outlook 365
  • Calendar: Google Calendar, Outlook 365
  • Files and documents: Google Drive, SharePoint Online, OneDrive
  • Business apps: bookmark and launch your favorite apps

Employee Dashboard Office 365 - LumApps Intranet

Foster Networking and Collaboration

MS Teams Homepage


  • Social profile and status: express yourself
  • Follow: discover and receive updates and notifications about people, communities, and topics that matter
  • Activity feed: receive an overview of what matters



  • Employee directory: search for expertise
  • Connect instantly: Gmail, Outlook, Slack
  • Notifications: quickly react if needed
  • Communities: capture and share knowledge
  • Rich posts: idea, question, event, tags
  • Community Drive: display key documents
  • Community Calendar: show key meetings

Connect Anywhere

Accessible on Any Device

  • Responsive design: access advanced features on mobile and tablets


Mobile Intranet Apps

  • In-app branding: add your logo and colors
  • News streams: read personalized news streams
  • Communities: browse communities and post updates
  • Notifications: configure where you receive notifications and how often
  • Search: find articles, posts, communities, and people

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Intranet Mobile Notifications - LumApps

Organize and Manage


  • Fast deployment: no web client to install
  • Smooth upgrades: regular upgrades with no downtime


User Management

  • Single sign-on: Google and Azure Active Directory
  • Groups: Google Groups and Azure Groups
  • Flexible governance: create roles with specific rights and permissions



  • LumApps Analytics: deep-dive with LumApps Analytics to understand adoption and vitality
  • Google Analytics: leverage Google Analytics to monitor sessions, bounce rates, pages views, and browsing times
  • Google Tag Manager: provide additional context and details in addition to Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio: transform your data into rich dashboards

Integrate Business Apps

Google Workspace Logo

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Groups, Google Cloud Search. (Discover more)

microsoft 365 logo lumapps integration

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Outlook 365 Emails, Outlook 365 OneDrive, SharePoint Online, OneDrive. (Discover more)

LumApps platform includes 50+ connectors to third-party tools and micro-apps:

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