Onboarding Center

The first day and week within a company (or position) is critical for a new employee to feel engaged within the organization. A great employee onboarding experience is key to attract, grow, retain and ensure your key talents thrives ! !

The LumApps Onboarding Center allows you to centralize and sequence the most important information for new employees to access, engage and consume ; making it easier for to quickly build the critical knowledge and relationships within days.

Build a successful onboarding experience to ensure employees are engaged and productive from the first day and beyond:

  • Lead new employees through a series of steps to help them stay engaged, connected and productive.
  • Focus on the most critical path for acculturation and organizational awareness.
  • Create a clear manageable experienceunderstood across business fonctions.
  • Reduce the time to onboard employees with a transparent accculturation paths.
onboarding center

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