LumApps, a digital workplace for Office 365

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office 365
With its native integration, LumApps adds
value to Office 365

providing business context around your documents and apps
for enhanced employee productivity
and better collaboration across teams and locations

A rich integration with Office 365

Outlook 365 Emails and Calendar
Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online and One Drive 
Azure Active Directory

Employee Personal Space

Office 365 disparate apps can now all be accessed in one click from a single portal for enhanced productivity

Productivity space office

Display your favorite folder in your personal space


Access your favorite teams and channels in one click.. 

Have a look at your latest emails directly from your personal space in LumApps.

Display your calendar in your personal space

Team Collaboration


Include a team / project calendar into LumApps communities


Display a team / project folder in LumApps communities

Team Collaboration Screenshot
Azure Ad User Profile

Users Management

Azure AD Users Profiles

Synchronize users profiles data with your Azure AD to automatically keep up-to-date information.

Azure AD Groups

Synchronize your Azure AD Groups and combine them into new LumApps groups.