The right information, to the right people, at the right time. 

Employees will know exactly what is happening in their organization when they visit the Newscenter – Company updates, internal and external news, blogs, social media activity, latest company initiative

Keep employees informed and engaged by distributing curated content, available anywhere on desktop or mobile devices.



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Clean and easy to use interface


  • Simplified content publishing allows you to push the latest headlines, internal updates, and company initiatives directly to where employees will see them and engage with them.
  • Create beautiful news easily leveraging a grid layout and drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Leverage templates and a WYSIWIG interface to create quickly news articles.
  • Include rich content for engaging communications – images, GIFs, videos, forms, polls…
  • Executive communication with ghostwriting, publishing approval and scheduling
Targeted information distribution


  • The Newscenter allows for information to be distributed according to the needs of each employee, cutting down on information overload and delivering only the most relevant information to help workers become better employees, and connect with the company in their own way.
  • The Newscenter also allows for employees to subscribe to specific news sources which they deem relevant or interesting. Workers can stay up to date on their brand, their product, their branch, or any other information important to them or their work.
Create a two-way dialogue


  • The interactive interface of the Newscenter lets employees like and comment on individual news, giving employees a voice in the company while also staying informed.
  • Allowing employees to share and discuss ideas encourages collaboration, and allowing for dynamic responses from leadership builds a culture in which all employees are included and involved

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