LumApps: an intranet platform for employees and HR

The great place to work for all your employees

Simplify employee work and enhance productivity

Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing

Communicate, recognize and engage employees

Connect all employees anywhere

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Build a great place to work with LumApps

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A single point of access for productivity

Simplify employee on-boarding and daily work with a single and quick access to all the resources they need:

Corporate and local news
Knowledge and information
People and expertise
Social communities
Productivity suites
Business apps

Rich communities and employee directory for collaboration

Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing within a team and across teams.

Leverage communities to ask and answer questions, propose and vote for ideas, share documents from Google Drive and plan meetings synchronized with Google Calendar.

Leverage the employee directory to search for expertise, follow people and connect right away.

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Efficient communication for employee engagement

Inform employees – Share news, documents, job offers, events and answer questions.

Allow employees to give feedback – like, comment, participate in surveys.

Acknowledge employee accomplishments – display “employee of the month,” announce promotions and retirements

Mobile and multilingual for everyone everywhere

Connect all employees across the globe, at the office or in the field – blue collars, shop associates, remote workers. Discover LumApps Mobile Intranet  >

LumApps iOS and Android apps allow you to:

Browse news and communities
Search for articles and posts
Receive notifications

LumApps speaks 10 languages on the web and 6 on mobile!

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Discover our Use Cases

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An efficient HR communication is crucial to create a strong corporate culture and increase employee engagement…

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Allowing people to connect across teams and locations is key to share knowledge and achieve smarter collaboration…

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Display an internal job board to increase internal mobility, source talents globally and speed up hiring!

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Get started with LumApps

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