LumApps for Communication

Your communication challenges

Communicate and inform employees

Promote a common corporate culture

Connect all employees

Empower and engage employees

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LumApps, the perfect mix of a corporate portal and a social network

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A corporate portal for top-down communication

Make your communication relevant to each employee

News are displayed based on employee profile (such as location, business unit or function)

Make your communication interactive

Allow employees to give feedback – like, comment, participate in surveys

Make your communication appealing

Leverage beautiful templates and include rich content (videos, documents previews, pictures…)

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A social network for peer-to-peer discussions

Empower your employees to participate in the global enterprise by creating their own content in dedicated communities:
Write posts
Ask and answer questions
Propose and vote for ideas
Empower your employees to build their network:
Update their profile and status
Follow people, communities or interests
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Advanced design configuration options for branding

Unite your workforce across business units and locations in a single digital fully-branded workplace, and promote a common corporate culture.

LumApps offers advanced design configuration capabilities that allow you

To quickly build an intranet
That looks like you
Without any coding required

Mobile and multilingual for everyone everywhere

Connect all employees across the globe, at the office or in the field – blue collars, shop associates, remote workers. Discover LumApps Mobile Intranet  >


LumApps iOS and Android apps can be branded with your logo and colors and allow you to

Browse news and communities
Search for articles and posts
Receive notifications
LumApps speaks 10 languages on the web and 6 on mobile!
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Discover our Use Cases

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Frequent and effective news communication is key to inform and align employees.
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Make sure that your employees never miss key news by sending them a regular email newsletter.
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Team Communities

Allow teams to have their own collaboration space to easily capture and share knowledge across locations.
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Get started with LumApps