Job Board

Display an internal job board to increase internal mobility, source talents globally and speed up hiring!

Easy Creation with Templates

Use LumApps’ premade templates or design your own to easily and beautifully display job offers for any part of your enterprise.

Organize offers by brand, country, job type, department, or any other custom criteria.

Social Hiring with Employee Advocacy

Combine job offers with LumApps Employee Social Advocacy tools to enable workers to share job listings on social media and leverage their own professional networks to bring in new talent.

intranet job board screenshot

Discover More Use Cases

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 Keep employees informed and engaged by distributing curated content available anywhere on desktop or mobile devices.

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An efficient HR communication is crucial to create a strong corporate culture and increase employee engagement…

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Build a Virtual Town Hall to share event information and content, gather employee feedback.

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Frequent and effective news communication is key to inform and align employees.
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Create an online directory that informs and connects your entire organization.

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Make sure that your employees never miss key news by sending them a regular email newsletter.
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Get started with LumApps

The Social Collaborative Intranet that Connects and Engages Your Employees

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