LumApps, the intranet recommended by Google

LumApps has the most comprehensive and advanced integration with G Suite.

LumApps boosts the value and usage of G Suite for all employees!

The only one

Out of 1,000+ apps on G Suite Markeplace, LumApps is the only intranet to be recommended by Google


LumApps is built on Google Cloud Platform meeting the highest standards of cloud security and compliance, including GDPR.


LumApps’ roadmap aligns with Google to always benefit from Google’s latest innovations (early adopters programs).

Productivity Space


G Suite disparate apps can now all be accessed in one click from a single portal for enhanced productivity


Display your favorite folder in your personal space to quickly access to your files

Single Sign On

Access your G Suite apps in one click with Google Single Sign-On. 


Have a look at your latest emails directly from your personal space in LumApps.


Display your calendar in your personal space

Team Collaboration


Include a team / project calendar into LumApps communities


Display a team / project folder in LumApps communities

Global Search

Quickly find knowledge and information across your digital workplace.

LumApps search can find anything in LumApps (pages, articles, media, communities, posts, users) and in Google Drive.

Our Global Search is a native feature included in all our offerings.

Users Management

Google Identity

Synchronize users profiles data with your Google Directory to automatically keep up-to-date information.

Google Groups

Import and synchronize users data with Google Groups.

A rich integration


Access your emails directly from your personal space!

Google Drive

Display key folders, documents and embed previews.

Google Calendar

Display upcoming events.

Google Meet

Connect and launch meetings in one click!

Google Analytics

Measure and monitor connections, pages views and browsing time with Google Analytics.

Google Groups

Import and synchronize users data with Google Groups.

Google Identity

Single sign-on for fast access to the entire G Suite.

Google Cloud Search

LumApps is the first to offer you the latest Google’s leading-edge search engine for the enterprise ! (coming soon)