Localyse is the Google Cloud and LumApps partner within Cronos group, the biggest IT company in the Benelux region with 7000 FTEs and over 700 competence centers. This means that we have a competence center in almost any technology on the market and can always create project teams with extensive experience and knowledge on the customers technology landscape. We feel very confident implementing LumApps as the go-to employee communication & advocacy platform for customers of any size, SMB or Enterprise, within any IT landscape, G Suite, O365 or others.


Partnering with LumApps

LumApps allows customers to provide one platform towards their employees that achieves multiple goals and empowers the existing IT landscape & platforms that you are already using. LumApps quickly becomes the central, safe & personalized space for your employees where they can get updated on company news, find relevant information and documents, connect with internal departments such as HR, interact with peers and interact with specific communities like on social network. On top of this, it will also become the central workspace or “Workhub” because of the easy connection & integration to your communication & collaboration Apps and other IT platforms based on which team or department you are in.
LumApps is the start of your workday because everything you need is connected there.


Deployment, Design, Work transformation enterprise, Application Development, Cloud Migration, Security, Data Analytics.

Localyse Website

  • 25 employees at Localyse
    7000 in the group company
  • Countries
    Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • Languages
    Dutch, English, French
  • Industry
    Retail, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial institutions