Innext is a consulting firm, born more than 15 years ago. We support our Customers to embrace digital transformation and take advantage from it. We are Google Cloud Partner since 2008: our experience in change management, combined with Google Cloud solutions, allows us to successfully lead projects of Digital Readiness, Cloud Migration, Enterprise Collaboration, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience and Cyber Security. We are recognized to design new employee experiences and optimize the current ones integrating several skills.


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Partnering with LumApps

Innext is the ideal partner to implement LumApps in your company today; we have a dedicated practice and we boast the first Italian case of deployment of the best Employee Collaboration platform. With LumApps we have refined an effective and time-tested methodology that combines the Human Centric Approach with Collaborative Design. Each project is divided into several phases, to build the best solution together with the companies:
-Needs Focusing
-Implementation Scenarios Design
-Content and Operating Model Design
-Platform Activation
-Change Enablement

LumApps Certifications

Platform Design, Technical Platform Implementation.



Customer experience strategy design and transformation, Employee Experience Strategy Design, Strategic Design and Design Thinking, Omnichannel Communication Strategy, UX/UI Design.

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