Google Cloud Partner

Google has been a strategic partner of LumApps since the company was founded in 2014

LumApps works closely with Google to make their latest innovations available in LumApps and to build the best digital workplace fully integrated with Google Workspace.

Google Cloud Partner

Technology Partnership

Google Cloud Innovation


LumApps works closely with Google to align our roadmaps and deliver the latest Google innovations to our customers.
LumApps is part of Early adopters programs, for Team Drives in 2017 and Google Cloud Search in 2018.
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The best integration with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

To achieve our ambition to provide the best integrated digital workplace, we work closely with Google to integrate the productivity and collaboration apps that are used daily by most employees.
LumApps integrates most Google Workspace apps – Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail, Google Groups and Google Cloud Search.
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Google Cloud Partner of the year 2020 productivity collaboration badge

A leading cloud platform

LumApps is built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and leverages the best technologies from Google for performance, reliability, security and compliance.
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Google’s Recognitions


LumApps has become the only recommended intranet solution for G Suite out of 1,000+ apps on G Suite Marketplace.

Recommanded for G Suite Card


LumApps was on-stage and very proud to be awarded the Solution Innovation of the Year Award at Google NEXT San Francisco.

Google Award 2017


LumApps is Finalist for Global Technology Partner of the Year among leading companies such as Intel and PaloAlto Networks.

Google Finalist 2019

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