All modern organizations are confronted with a continuously changing environment. In today’s world, stagnation means decline.
g-company is committed to helping organizations transform and become more flexible.
We believe that the perfect IT architecture for any organization is a web-services architecture with everything in the Cloud and connected through open standards. Most organizations, however, still work with a traditional software stack. By taking small, independent steps to the cloud, replacing all monolithic software with web-services, we help these organizations become as agile as Google.


Partnering with LumApps

As a Google Cloud Premium partner, we notice that employees need a central and personalized place to find relevant news and documentation to keep them engaged.
In times of hybrid work, this need has increased further.
Offering a social intranet solution that provides a seamless connection with Google Workspace and Office 365 is therefore an absolute must.
LumApps offers us the ideal platform to provide this experience to our customers.


Customer Story

The Antwerp Fire Brigade was looking for a cool, interactive tool that works for them on top of Google Workspace. The choice fell on LumApps, because it primarily looks at the structure of an organization and places the social environment on top of it. This working method is most in line with the organizational structure and the wishes of BZA. Check out this cool video where they share how their new intranet ‘makes the spark fly’! 🔥

Watch the Video and read the full story


Change Management, Enterprise Transformation, Process optimisation and redesign, Cloud design & migration, Web-based workplace, Data driven decisions & analytics, Modern IT infrastructure, Application development, Training and adoption.


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