Altostratus Cloud Consulting is a full-cycle cloud services provider specializing in SaaS, Iaas and bespoke Development in the areas of Big Data, IOT and ML. Our mission, helping companies, both Corp and SMB, to be more efficient and competitive in their business areas through innovative solutions in infrastructures, IT and internal processes. We support our customers throughout the whole digitization process, from the consulting to the implementation service, the technical support or the in-house cloud training.


Partnering with LumApps

Given our background on SaaS and Apps development, we can offer our clients the customisation and full integration of Lumapps with the existing TI environment of any organisation.


Deployment, Design, Work transformation enterprise, Application Development, Cloud Migration, Security, Data Analytics, Infrastructures, change Management, Users and Administrators training.

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  • 35 employees
  • Countries
    Spain, Portugal
  • Languages
    Spanish, English
  • Industry
    Healthcare, Education, Outsourcing, Banking, Energy, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Assurance, Retail
  • Tools and integrations
    Our Development team can run the integration of any solution based on app script. We can also manage a data recovery through web services and showing it on Lumapps (e.g. SAP data, employee documentation, etc)