About Wedocom

Wedocom is a consulting company specializing in the adoption of digital and social network platforms around the business of internal communication.
We are 10 professional experts, transformation coaches, and designers.
We study your needs from the ground.
We align the digital communication strategy with your overall transformation plan.
We conceive together the appropriate channels for your changing organization.
The creations of our designers are inspired on the west coast of the US to personalize the interface and enable the best visual experience.

Wedocom is also a pragmatic method. We train our clients to use it, to appropriate it, to be autonomous and to apply it in the long term.

Wedocom and LumApps

We chose Lumapps for our customers because of its customization possibilities, its intuitive ergonomics, and its multiple interfacing. It’s important to create traffic to get the messages across!

Wedocom logo
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