About Nubalia

Nubalia is a Google Cloud Solutions company for companies are looking for innovation. It is the first 100% Cloud consultancy in Spain and currently has the seal of quality of Google Cloud Premier Partner. We are managed by a technical and commercial team with great experience in the cloud and have the official Google Cloud certificates as well as wonderful success stories (you can look at them on our website).

Nubalia is born and grows to radically change the way we work, improving business performance through corporate social collaboration, boosting sales faster, reducing customer support costs and accelerating innovation. Our main objective, apart from implementing solutions, is to activate the digital transformation in companies for their development thanks to the usability of Google Cloud which allows collaboration and mobility provided by the G Suite solution; the Chrome OS operating system brought to last generation devices with Chrome; the Maps geolocation tool; and everything necessary to build and scale with Cloud Platform.

In Nubalia we are not only trying to incorporate innovative tools, we are implementing a real cultural change. Our key point is accompaniment and our clients show us that. They never leave, they always grow with us and we appreciate that trust by making our clients bigger, faster and more successful thanks to Google technology and an agile, decisive, friendly and always ready to help team.

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