Driver of change

Innext is a consulting firm, born more than 15 years ago and specialized in designing and delivering business transformation initiatives and managing strategic, organizational and technological impacts.

Innext partners with their Customer in creating new business and operating models and in evolving the current ones, resulting in concrete value creation: increase revenue and reduce costs, improve overall company performances and innovate.

Innext considers technology as the enabling factor for change and we support our Customers to embrace digital transformation and take advantage from it.
Innext is a Google Cloud Partner since 2008: our experience in change management, combined with Google Cloud solutions, allows us to successfully lead projects of Digital Readiness, Cloud Migration, Enterprise Collaboration, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience and Cyber Security.
Innext is recognized as reference player to design new employee experiences and optimize the current ones integrating skills across business consulting, design, data analytics, technology.

Innext mission

Be the Partner of Choice for companies that want to grow and transform:
with passion and competence we integrate strategy, innovation and people, to create value and deliver solid results.


  • More than 15 years of history
  • Over 400 Customers
  • Team of over 40 passionate professionals integration business consulting, design, data analytics,  technology
  • LumApps Partner
  • Google Cloud Premier Partner


What Innext does

Innext create value in designing and delivering innovative experiences for consumers and employee, improving technology adoption and managing business transformation across the organization, leveraging best in class solutions.

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