About Huware

Huware is a reliable, smart, innovative, happy tech consulting firm.

Our mission is technology adoption, to help companies grow, evolve and introduce more collaborative, efficient and flexible working logics.

We are Google Partner, we believe in Google Cloud Technology as key factor to help organization working better, living better, growing and evolve.

Our project are based on PEOPLE.
Our technology is HUMAN centered.
Our mission is tech ADOPTION by people.

We are the Italian leaders in change management! We prioritize driving social intranet projects via a cutting edge strategic view based on people and processes.

500 companies supported, 1st SAP migration project on GCP in Europe, 30.000 Google users activated, 3.000 trained managers and 800 change and technology projects implemented with passion, competence and smile by our close-knit people in Milan.

25 people
3.5M contracts
Start-up with 15 years of experiences
10 google cloud professionals certificates

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quis pulvinar mi, ipsum elementum justo neque.