About Fourcast

Our mission is to build cultures of innovation at companies by transforming the way they work and by elevating their customer experiences. As a Premier Google Cloud partner, we do this by implementing innovative Google Cloud solutions and some recommended third party solutions like Lumapps. The workplace of the future gets shape with solutions like G Suite & a focus on increasing collaboration, productivity & rethinking internal communications. Improving digital customer experiences is done by leveraging Big Data and Google AI & Machine Learning technologies to build for example chatbots and data lakes. But there’s more than technology alone. We make sure the transformation really takes place and sticks for everyone.

Fourcast and LumApps

Lumapps has the ability to do what every company needs in terms of rethinking internal communications and improving the collaboration experience. It’s a big added value to the fourcast portfolio because it gives us the possibility to create added value for our customers in exactly the domain we are active in, which is creating a seamless digital workplace experience. Lumapps has proven to be a no brainer for most of our customers because it is perfectly in line with what our customers want to achieve.

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