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About Ed Tech Authority

Will McCoy is the CEO/Founder of Ed Tech Authority (ETA).  With more than 20 years in education and technology, Will leads a team of innovators, educators, technologists, creators and dreamers to bring the best of tech into the education field.  Perfectly positioned as a bridge between a vast network of education colleagues and institutions and the most innovative solutions, ETA is the leader in truly enhancing education via digital technology.  ETA works directly with schools/districts/universities to identify and implement outstanding solutions. ETA also works with amazing tech companies to ready, position, sell and distribute world-class solutions in the education market.

Ed Tech Authority & LumApps

Will McCoy was invited by LumApps to act as the primary consultants for the creation of the EDU platform.  With rich experiences in education, he was able to guide the creation of the EDU platform so that it serves the education community well.  Our deep commitment to the design and functionality of the EDU platform is reflected in the amazing product now available to schools. We are convinced that LumApps EDU can enhance and improve productivity, communication and engagement for education institutions, and are passionate about deploying this solution successfully.

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