LumApps Amps Up Partnership With Cloudbakers

Back in the beginning of 2017, we partnered with Cloudbakers to bring the benefits of LumApps to the United States. Now, we’re co-planning a webinar to show the power that a cloud intranet can bring to businesses. Here’s a bit about our partnership.

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About Cloudbakers

Cloudbakers is a cloud solution company based in Chicago (IL). Born in the cloud eight years ago, they’ve been perfecting cloud migrations ever since. They help companies build their cloud strategy, deploy technologies, and provide change management in order for clients to successfully adopt these solutions. The solutions themselves range from cloud email and file storage, using G Suite, to application development, data analytics, and machine learning.

As a top Premier Google Cloud Partner, they bring their Google Cloud Platform expertise to customers’ cloud projects. They are also consistently in the Top 5 Partners for every product they represent!

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Our partnership

Cloudbakers has been a Partner of ours since early 2017. Together, we’re able to bring smooth LumApps deployments as well as proper support for our common customers.

We’ve co-hosted Happy Hours, including one that followed Chicago’s Google Cloud Summit on September 27, 2017 and plan to keep moving forward together, nurturing our partner ecosystem!

Upcoming Webinar

Planned for March 6, 2018 -roughly one year after launching our partnership- we’re co-hosting a webinar with Cloudbakers. You’ll learn first-hand about why LumApps is a unique solution, the only social and collaborative intranet they offer for companies looking to innovate and digitally transform their business. Our reps will provide an awesome demo to show core features and use cases! We hope to see you there!


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Americas Partners USA

Published on

February 28, 2018