Onix is our First Certified Partner

Onix is our first LumApps certified partner in the USA, following our new partner certification program. We’re very proud to have Onix inaugurate this program with such a dedicated team, and we plan on many more partners to follow suit!

Onix is our First Certified Partner

Building a customer-driven solution

At LumApps, we believe that each customer has specific and unique needs, that match both the industry where they excel, and their own corporate culture.

Since we started in 2012, we have built a great product, to provide what our customers need, with a core base of functionalities such as a corporate portal, a digital workplace, social interactions and communities.

On top of a core product, our customers want to add their personal touch, their brand identity, their corporate image and their organization’s structure. Often, they want to migrate existing content from a platform they are looking to decommission.

Empowering our partners. Over 2018, LumApps and their partners have delivered hundreds of projects, which involved different levels of expertise, from business analysts to deployment specialists, project managers, designers, change managers, etc. And our focus is 100% satisfied customers.
In order to do so, we launched earlier this year a certification program to assess and certify our partners, to make it easier for our clients to select the best partner in their digital transformation project.
– Julien Jurion, Strategic Partnerships at LumApps

The LumApps Certification program is designed to assess

  • Partner’s capacity to deploy a LumApps project
  • Partner compliance with our project methodology
  • Partner knowledge of the LumApps solution
  • Partner’s successful deployment of several projects

About Onix

Leading cloud solutions provider Onix and strategic partner LumApps harness the power of Google Cloud Platform to deliver a modern intranet solution that integrates with G Suite and allows workers to both stay informed, and communicate with each other in a relaxed forum, with a familiar social-media interface. Based in Lakewood, Ohio, near Cleveland, Onix also has Canadian offices in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as a presence in many major U.S. cities. Learn more at www.onixnet.com.

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Britney Schultz, Project Manager @ Onix

Britney has successfully managed the deployment of several LumApps projects in 2018. She’s played an essential role in our partnership, as the driving force to create LumApps Experts at Onix. She is the first partner to be awarded with this new certification. Congratulations!

“It was important for myself and team to become Certified in LumApps because this solution gives Onix clients the ability to connect their employees and keep them informed from a single source of truth. This social intranet solution increases communication and collaboration and also creates a dynamic extension to G Suite. This active integration of LumApps with G Suite delivers a centralized location that allows organizations to foster a “we are one” culture, while reducing emails and unnecessary digital clutter.”


Britney Schultz, Project Manager @ Onix


John Lawler, Director of Cloud Service @ Onix

John has closely followed several projects in the past year as well and has supported Britney in her certification process. He has successfully achieved certification as well and is ready to grow a team of LumApps Experts to serve Onix customers. Thank you, John!

“Getting certified is validation that I am a subject matter expert and that is important for our customers to see. The LumApps team is helping partners get ramped and becoming specialized on their solution and that is still a big differentiator in our ecosystem.”

John Lawler, Director of Cloud Service @ Onix


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA



Published on

April 18, 2019