Media Corner: Renaud Perrier on Boursorama TV and TV Finance

Renaud Perrier gives an interview to Boursorama and Finance TV about LumApps history, international strategy, partnerships, and expands on our innovative solution, the LumApps Social Intranet.

Media Corner: Renaud Perrier on Boursorama TV and TV Finance

Interview on TV Finance and Boursorama TV

LumApps CPO Renaud Perrier was invited on the set of TV Finance’s show “Paroles de Dirigeant” to talk about LumApps solutions for enterprises.

The interview is available bot TV Finance and Boursorama TV.

Watch the replay below, or visit their websites!

Providing companies with an innovative digital workplace

Renaud Perrier goes over a number of topics during the interview, first reminding us of the history of our product and that LumApps was planning for international expansion from the beginning.

Renaud explains why LumApps is also a French Success Story, earning respect internationally, including with a new HQ in New York. The driving force behind product development comes from France, with the Engineering Team situated in France. Today, French companies remains the core of LumApps customers, however US companies now represent 40% of LumApps business.


In this interview, our CPO delves into why LumApps is an innovative solution for customers.

LumApps is different from the previous intranets in that it creates a true digital workplace, with a multitude of configurations and features: providing a digital identity for each employee, connecting all employees according to social or work needs, providing a single solution with access to all tools and resources, focus on mobility, available on both desktop and mobile application.


Based on cloud technology, LumApps is able to easily scale and enrich its solution thanks to customer-driven innovation. In this way, LumApps solutions can grow thanks to a collective knowledge, with the newest features and integrations based on real customer needs. At LumApps, the product really is the star.


Finally, Renaud Perrier talks business and financial partnerships. For LumApps, relationships with the tech giants are opportunities and partners in development, which is why LumApps integrates with both Google and Microsoft.
What’s more, LumApps has achieved a new Series B funding.

Wondering if LumApps has reached the break-even point? You’ll have to watch the interview!


“Our product is the star. That’s the beauty of cloud. We develop a unique solution, which is then made available for everyone. The cloud lets you develop for scalability, so we can then host our worldwide customers on one solution, while it progressively grows from each of our clients’ needs.

When a customer trusts us and goes LumApps, they benefit from this collective knowledge gleaned from everyone else’s needs, which have become product features. As a result, we have a very innovative product that’s always up-to-date with the latest trends and new tech developments.”

Renaud Perrier, CPO of LumApps


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Media and Press

Published on

April 1, 2019