LumApps is now a Recommended for Google Workspace app

Google Workspace recommended LumApps once again to organizations to boost the value, adoption, and usage of the platform.

Recommended for Google Workspace

Our Employee Experience solution has once again been named as a Recommended for Google Workspace app. LumApps has held this distinction for almost a decade, ever since Google Workspace began its “Recommended for” program.

Employee experience is among CEOs’ top priorities, as it is one of the most important factors impacting firms’ ability to deliver on business objectives. Organizations need to create a supportive, productive work environment, with efficient ways for their employees to access the right information, collaborate and share knowledge.

LumApps allows organizations to personalize their employee experience by:

  • Engaging all employees where and how they work
  • Enabling all employees with the right tools and knowledge at the right time
  • Empowering all employees with a strong culture and a successful journey


LumApps and Google Workspace are a perfect fit

The in-depth integration between LumApps and Google Workspace provides organizations with the ultimate Employee Experience platform to leverage top-down, peer-to-peer, and bottom-up communication, team collaboration and culture building.

LumApps has been proven to support both the implementation and adoption of Google Workspace, by giving all employees a central digital HQ that enables them to:

  • Surface and preview documents from Google Workspace, in context
  • Find documents directly from LumApps search bar, with the ability to use Google Cloud Search if needed
  • Surface Google Calendar in context
  • Publish Google documents directly as LumApps news or articles
  • Secure access to LumApps platform and assets leveraging Google Cloud identity and Single Sign-On (SSO).

In 2020, LumApps first entered the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Acknowledgment of LumApps key differentiators

Customers using LumApps, and analysts (such as IDC and Forrester), recognize key benefits of the Employee Experience Platform:

  • True SaaS and secured architecture. LumApps is built on Google Cloud Platform, meeting the highest cloud security and compliance standards, such as GDPR. This enables LumApps to cater complex organization needs with multi-BUs, divisions, or brands.
  • Collaborative suite and business app integrations. LumApps provide employees with both Google Cloud and Microsoft collaboration suite, and instant access to the tools and business apps they need with 50+ pre-built connectors, such as Workday, ServiceNow or Zendesk to name a few.
  • Profile-driven user experience and employee journeys to give employees the best experience possible through their digital tools. LumApps also addresses frontline workers’ needs providing a streamlined and secure authentication, onboarding, and provisioning process to them.
  • Collaboration support and knowledge management capabilities with communities for peer to peer and horizontal collaboration and best practice sharing.
  • Pixel-perfect design on desktop or mobile app with personalized content delivery.
  • An ‘all-in-one’ enterprise video platform. LumApps provides an integrated and secure video experience for viewing, sharing, searching, hosting, and managing enriched videos.
  • Analytics. Natively integrated and extensive analytics (views, devices, engagement) enabling performance analysis and audience segmentation with metrics for LumApps user groups.

“LumApps is the Employee Experience Platform of reference when thinking about engaging, enabling and empowering your employees in their daily routine. We are your new digital HQ where employees can do their best work, connecting intelligently with the people, information and tools they need to be the most productive. LumApps’ roadmap aligns with Google to always benefit from Google’s latest innovations. With Google Workspace, designed with real-time collaboration and machine intelligence, we are able to bring people together and help them work smarter.” —  Sébastien Ricard, LumApps CEO


Out of 1,000+ apps on the Google Cloud Marketplace such as MongoDB, Palo Alto Networks, Fastly, LumApps is one of the few recommended multiple times in its category by Google Cloud and named Technology Partner of the Year in 2020 in the segment Collaboration & Productivity. 


Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Corporate News Google Partners Recognition

Published on

June 13, 2022