LumApps Play makes enterprise video management easier, smarter, and more secure

Following the acquisition of Novastream in June 2021, we are proud to present LumApps Play, our new secure video management capabilities in LumApps, both on desktop and mobile

Drive Employee Engagement - LumApps Play Desktop and Mobile

LumApps Play: Collect, organize, broadcast and analyze internal corporate videos

Studies have shown that engagement is improved with rich media content such as videos. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading text. Employees are more inclined to listen, engage with and feel directly addressed when presented with video content rather than text. LumApps Play makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the benefits of video, which contributes to brand awareness among employees, supports retention, and aligns employees with corporate values and culture, all while reducing time and costs when recruiting, onboarding, and developing employees.

LumApps Play also enables internal users to gather videos and embed them in any content of the LumApps platform. Our native search toolbar allows a precise and quick search across the corporate catalog, bringing up articles, posts, documents and videos via title, description, and tags. Videos are encrypted and secured, contrary to videos embedded in YouTube or Vimeo private channels, to ensure optimal security. Employees can only view videos if logged in to the platform via their corporate identity (single sign-on), and are restricted from sharing a video link outside the company. 


“Video is an engaging media that has a positive impact on all departments that need to inform and engage their workforce as video content is a compelling alternative to ensure top-down strategic communications are more accessible to employees. LumApps Play also enables all teams to act as ambassadors, helping employees to raise awareness around the brand, it also facilitates training and enablement of the teams, regardless of their location”,

— Blaise Kremer, Former founder of Novastream now Product Manager LumApps Play.


LumApps Play turns videos into a source of knowledge

By leveraging tags, descriptions, subtitles, chapters, and embedded calls-to-action, videos become a source of knowledge for all departments. Detailed analytics on viewing performance fasten and simplify the monitoring and follow-up of different projects. Analytics also allow managers to assess the traction of different messages and the typology of viewers for videos with strong engagement and impressions according to their department, location, and more. Employees from all business units have access to resources, are more productive, and have more control over how and at what pace they will consume the information.

* From Biteable’s Video marketing statistics: The state of video marketing in 2021


Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Corporate News Product

Published on

September 30, 2021